Sunday, June 14, 2009

lazy sunday.

i had a great weekend with my very special house guest - popcorn. he is my neighbors cat who has been having some problems cohabiting with her three other cats. i was home alone this weekend so lauren and i decided it would be good for him to come over and take a little vacation. i am going to miss that handsome boy!

i have been meaning to post the pictures from the last quilt swap i was in - the 'mini quilt in a bag' swap. the one 'rule' for the swap was that we had to work in some sort of log cabin pattern, using a fq from our partner as the center blocks. my partner sarah (byneedleandthread) and i have both recieved our 'mini quilt in a bag' swap packages! here they are...

the mini quilt i recieved from sarah:

the mini quilt i sent to sarah:

thanks sarah!

one last note!
i just updated my etsy page, check it out!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

summer quilt, love.

seven strips down, seven to go! i am so so so in love with this quilt so far. i will need to add a sashing once i get all the strips sewn together for it to be an adequate full sized bed quilt. i can't decide if i should use the muslin, use a print or use a different color solid fabric. i am thinking of either using kona cotton in 'cerise' (deep magenta) or 'curry' (mustard yellow) for the back. decisions, decisions!

also, i just joined twitter. follow me?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

friday stash, saturday quilt.

yesterday i went to spool and treated myself to some new fabrics. surprisingly, the stack of fabrics i bought all went together perfectly and i quickly decided that i was going to make a full bed quilt for myself with my little selection. i threw them in the wash, ironed them up and cut all of the 1/2 yard pieces into 6"x6" squares! what a feat! i also cut a gazillion 6"x6" solid muslin squares. i am going to be making a checkerboard pattern alternating the prints with he solid muslin. here is my inspiration. <3

hopefully i will not get stuck on this project halfway through. i really want to get her done before i move in august! this quilt will look perfect in my bedroom at home.

i completed and sent out my "mini quilt in a bag swap" quilt to sarah (byneedleandthread) over a week ago and will be posting pictures as soon as she receives the quilt! i am very excited to see what she came up with for me as well!

i had fun with that swap but i have to say that it wasn't nearly as exciting as the "doll quilt swap". seeing everyone's work in dqs as the swap went along was probably the most exciting part for me and kept me energized with my own quilt. i am looking forward to the next dqs and i am also doing another fat quarter swap in june.

omg it's june. what?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

dqs6 swap - sent & recieved!

this post is long overdue, i know. but i just wanted to give a little update on the doll quilt swap. i finished my quilt a few weeks ago and i was very happy with the outcome! throughout this project i taught myself how to paper-piece, machine quilt and attach a cross grain binding. i referred to kaffe fassett's glorious patchwork quilt book for the paper-piecing and for the binding i used a tutorial on the crazy mom quilts blog. both were a big help and highly recommended.

i sent it off to megan (whoolly interlude) in louisville, kentucky. she has received it and had some very sweet things to say about it. i am so pleased that she likes it!

also, i received my package from nichole (partridgepeartree) a few nights ago. this swap was my first in a very long time, and i was overwhelmed with excitement while opening the package! i recognized the quilt immediately from the group pool and was so happy to have it in my hands! thank you so much nichole!!!

she also included some great fat quarters and note cards which i lovvvve!

i had such a wonderful time swapping with these great ladies and can't wait until the next round!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

wait a minute...

did i really start a project finish it within a week?


within two days?


i just can't even believe it. i feel like i overcame some kind of demon on this one.

i have been oddly obsessed with my sewing machine lately and decided it was about time i saw a project through from start to finish. i have also decided that i want to create a cute little spring/summer wardrobe for myself this year. tada - look at this lovely little top that i made! i can't wait to wear it with my favorite jean cut offs and my green jelly shoes.

i have also been diligently working on my mini quilt for the doll quilt swap. i am at a bit of a stand still - i can't decide if i like the moss and teal fabrics with the more delicate blue print. they feel heavy - but i kind of like the color play. decisions, decisions...

one last tidbit - i photographed seven bags today to put into my new (& empty) etsy shop. they will be appearing tomorrow - sometime after my tax appointment.

Monday, March 9, 2009

doll quilt swap and other projects.

i recently joined a flickr group called 'doll quilt swap' on a whim, and it just happened that a few days after i joined they announced their 6th group swap. what timing! i joined up and a few days later was given a secret partner who i will be making a doll quilt for. i found so much inspiration in my partners own pictures and favorited pictures, as well as their blog. as i started to wrap my brain around the prject - i found this image which has become my main source of inspiration.

i immediately started digging through my fabric looking for colors and print that would relate to this image but also would suit my partner. i ended up with two solid cottons in moss and teal as well as a raspberry pink print that looks like sprinkles and a new print from jay mccarroll's garden collection.

i have also had my nose buried in kaffe fassett's glorious patchwork and have taught myself how to paper piece. ATTENTION: if you have never tried this method but have the desire to - DO IT NOW! i can't believe how rewarding paper piecing is - and how quick and easy to boot!

flip it over and... tadaaaahhh!...

the above block was my first little test with paper piecing and below is my progress so far with the doll quilt. i hope the colors are right...

i am just a few seams away from finishing the last five blocks, then i will have a better sense of the color situation. i am nervous to rip the paper out, will someone come hold my hand for that step?

Monday, March 2, 2009

snow day, sew day.

i returned late last night from the american craft council show, which was held this past weekend in baltimore. i always love working this show and seeing all of the new and old faces that show up. yes, i should have many more pictures filling this post, but a few of the artists that i approached about taking photos of their work turned me down, so i got a bit discouraged.

tiffany ownbey, a friend, who does papier mache sculpture using sewing patterns and other found treasures :

nicole licht, aka astulabee, who was a part of the altcraft section of the show makes irresistible soft sculptures. nicole was as sweet as could be, i was very happy to meet her and see her work in person.

and hey, why not self promote. here is a shot of our booth. "our" being claudia mills studio, where i work as a production weaver.

now that february and the a.c.c. show are said and done, it is time for me to get back to work. i unfortunately did not meet my february goals, but i had not factored in the measly 28 days that are in february or the fact that my last week of the month would be spend prepping for the a.c.c. show. today i was home because of the snow, though. and i am just a few seams away from finishing my stack of tote bags which will be posted on etsy. for now i will leave you with some teaser pictures...